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Hybrid Definitions
Glossary of Hybrid Terms:

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A Hybrid car glossary of popular terms and keywords used with hybrid cars.
Full hybrid is often used when the vehicle can launch forward at low speeds without consuming any gasoline. The Toyota, Lexus and Ford hybrids can do this. The Honda hybrids can't. Some General Motors hybrids are full hybrids and others are not. (Did we lose you yet?)

Mild hybrid cars move from a standstill only if the internal combustion engine is engaged, and use the electric motor primarily to assist the gas engine when extra power is needed. Both full and mild hybrids require use of the gas engine when reaching higher speeds (of about 20 – 25 mph or more, depending on how the car is driven.)

Mild hybrid systems can break down into subcategories:

  • The Stop/Start hybrid system, used on GM trucks for example, shuts the engine off when it would otherwise idle and restarts it instantly on demand.
  • The Integrated Starter Alternator with Damping (ISAD) hybrid system allows the electric motors to help move the vehicle in addition to providing stop/start capability.
  • The Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system is similar to the ISAD but has a larger electric motor and more electricity to help move the vehicle.
  • Tax Incentives (May be provided by chrome as well under incentives/rebates)

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